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  • CPAD Brochure

    CPAD Brochure cover

    The Clinician Patient Access Device is a better solution for passing temporary patient services through corridor walls.

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  • E Wrap Tri Fold

    E Wrap Tri Fold cover

    E-Wrap Endothermic Wrap is the ideal solution for fire protection of critical circuits and infrastructure such as fire pumps, signaling equipment, elevators, alarms, process control equipment, or Emergency Responder Communications Enhancement Systems (ERCES).

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  • EZ Path Logical Choice

    EZ Path Logical Choice cover

    EZ-Path saves time, money, and resources by removing ongoing downstream costs.

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  • EZ Path Retrofit Device Brochure

    EZ Path Retrofit Device Brochure cover

    Our complete brochure for the EZ-Path Retrofit Device.

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  • Firestop Solutions for Modular Construction

    Firestop Solutions for Modular Construction cover

    Specified Technologies is working hard to develop solutions designed to take advantage of the efficiencies of the factory built environment while achieving a robust design to overcome the rigors of transportation and final assembly. We routinely work with modular design teams to resolve project-specific firestop issues in the design phase and value your input to achieve ideal solutions to meet your needs.

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  • Interior Finish Brochure

    Interior Finish Brochure cover

    We understand the nuances of firestopping head-of-wall joints and other joint systems installed into or between wall systems. We offer flexible joint sealants and sprays or gasket materials that allow for dynamic movement.

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  • STI Perimeter Fire Containment Systems

    STI Perimeter Fire Containment Systems cover

    STI is dedicated to providing our clients and partners with the industry's most advanced cost-effective solutions for perimeter fire barrier systems.

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  • STI User Guide

    STI User Guide cover

    The perfect brochure to use as a reference tool for any STI Product on the market.

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  • STI User Guide International

    STI User Guide International cover

    Our complete product brochure designed for international markets.

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  • Wood Frame Brochure

    Wood Frame Brochure cover

    STI's Wood Frame fire & smoke products.

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  • Wood Frame Tri Fold

    Wood Frame Tri Fold cover

    The terms firestop and fireblock are very similar sounding, but there are critical differences between these two practices. Here are the major differences.

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