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Interior Finish

At STI, we understand the nuances of firestopping head-of-wall joints and other joint systems installed into or between wall systems. We offer flexible joint sealants and sprays or gasket materials that allow for dynamic movement.

Interior Finish

All of our systems are fully tested according to ANSI/UL® 2079, ASTM E1966, ASTM E1399, ULC-S115, and other relevant standards relating to movement and fire testing of joint systems. View our comprehensive list of products below.

Versatility of spray

Our SpecSeal® AS200 Elastomeric Spray has been the benchmark standard for top-of-wall sprays for more than 15 years. The easy-to-spray formula and high-bridging capabilities of AS200 won’t soak into mineral wool, and it stays put and won’t run down the wall.

Caulk and spray compatibility

Our SpecSeal® AS200 Elastomeric Spray and ES Elastomeric Sealant are formulated for compatibility. This is advantageous for situations where a sealant may be preferable to spray and transitions occur such as finished joints or exposed areas. Additionally, touch up work can be performed using a caulk gun.

Dynamic movement

Systems have been developed for a wide range of movement. Whether for wind-load, thermal, or seismic, we have solutions that work. Our patented SpeedFlex®Joint Profile can be used to provide 100% unencumbered movement with AS200 Elastomeric Spray. The Track Top Gasket (TTG) systems will allow for 100% movement without the need to caulk or spray the head-of-wall joint.

Penetrants in head-of-wall joints

Some construction projects advocate a “no fly zone” to avoid penetrants being routed through head-of-wall joints. However, that complicates the process of firestopping or encumbering the movement capabilities of the joint system. Therefore, we have tested a variety of metal or plastic penetrants in the flute valleys.

CPVC compatibility with spray

AS200 is tested for compatibility with CPVC pipe, a common type of sprinkler pipe. Whether sprinkler pipes penetrate the head-of-wall joint or overspray is a consideration, it is the only spray on the market as part of the Lubrizol’s FBC™ System Compatible program for CPVC pipe.