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Curtain Wall

STI is the global leader in developing perimeter fire barrier systems for sealing the void area between a fire-rated floor and non-rated exterior wall.

Curtain Wall

Fire containment System for Valance Insulated Panel, Non-Backpan Designs.

We are excited to introduce the firestop industry’s first perimeter fire containment system for valance insulated panel, non-backpan designs. This cutting-edge design listing is a cost-effective, “all vision glass solution” that can be installed in the shop or on-site or as a new install method for traditional insulated spandrel areas.

Fire containment System for Valance Insulated Panel, Non-Backpan Designs.
Fire containment System for Valance Insulated Panel, Non-Backpan Designs.

Additional Features Include

  • Cost-effective All Vision Glass solution that can be installed in the shop or on-site
  • Allows lower section of spandrel area to be insulated for thermal or uninsulated
  • Multiple spandrel types including vision glass, glass, stone, ACM, and MCP panels
  • Designs allowing structural silicone in addition to pressure plate/gasket
  • Anchor shielded from direct flame impingemen
  • Class II or III Movement Capability - +/-5% Vertical Shear
  • Less than 1 CFM L rated
  • Specs call for minimum 3” thick 8 pcf faced or unfaced ROCKWOOL CURTAINROCK 80 insulation
  • 2 Hour Rated
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Testing standards

Perimeter fire containment systems are tested according to ASTM E2307, "Standard Test Method for Determining Fire Resistance of Perimeter Fire Barriers Using Intermediate-Scale, Multi-Story Test Apparatus (ISMA)".

The ISMA structure is a two-story furnace that subjects a perimeter fire containment system to fire exposure from two sides simultaneously

STI offers the benefit of UL Certification

With more than 100 years of experience testing for fire resistance, UL offers easy code acceptance by AHJs, building owners, and architects.

No one has more UL Certified systems.

With 106 individually tested and UL Certified solutions for a multitude of façade types, we are the leader in offering UL Certified solutions and have more testing than all other listed manufacturers combined at UL.

Comprehensive testing packages

  • Aluminum framed walls with glass, aluminum, or stone spandrels
  • Precast concrete panels
  • Steel-framed walls with gypsum sheathing, including finishes such as EIFS, stucco, brick, or metal siding
  • Glass-fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) panels
  • Galvanized steel back pan curtain walls

STI/BPF120-09 Offers Unmatched Flexibility

One published design listing covers insulated spandrel panel, valance insulated panel, and zero spandrel/all vision glass designs that can be field or shop installed!

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Spray-applied firestop coatings

STI manufactures two grades of elastomeric firestop coatings:

  • SpecSeal® AS Elastomeric Spray is a latex-based firestop spray formulated for high movement and rate of application
  • SpecSeal® Series FT Fast Tack Firestop Spray, a hybrid polymer coating designed for use in inclement weather

Quick Clip™ Insulation Hangers

The Quick Clip™ Perimeter Fire Containment System is designed to accelerate the installation of curtain wall spandrel insulation. The system's unique U-brackets clip onto mullions without screws to support the curtain wall insulation. Self-locking fasteners secure the insulation panels in place.

Quick Clip™ Insulation Hangers

Curtain wall connection protection system

We worked with UL® to devise a method to evaluate curtain wall connection protection. We conducted fire tests to evaluate and compare the connection protection concept to traditional fire protection materials. This included spray-applied fire-resistive materials (SFRM), which resulted in the establishment of the XHDI category for “Accessories for Perimeter Fire Systems,” and the publication of specific systems within the XHDG category.