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Data Communication

We are the only manufacturer providing end-to-end fire and smoke sealing solutions that address the ever-changing needs of data and communications infrastructure.

Data Communication

EZ Path validated by UL®

EZ Path® Fire Rated Pathways are subject to a third-party, UL® Evaluation Report that provides verification of compliance with the International Building Code®, NFPA 101, “Life Safety Code®,” and the International Fire Code®.

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Re-enterable firestop products

'In addition to EZ Path®, we offer a family of re-enterable firestop products for openings where frequent cable MACs will take place. We coined the term, “High Traffic Openings™” to describe these applications. To learn more, view our list of products below.

Most comprehensive testing package

Designed to provide unmatched flexibility, EZ Path is tested to ASTM E814, UL® 1479, and CAN/ULC-S115 for 1, 2, 3, or 4 hours in all common constructions. The self-adjusting, self-closing intumescent foam pad system accommodates cable MACs while maintaining fire ratings and L Ratings for particulate air and smoke.

Reduce or eliminate maintenance

'Fire Codes, such as ICC’s International Fire Code® (IFC), mandate that firestop systems must be continuously maintained for the life of the structure. The EZ Path System is designed to vastly reduce maintenance due to it containing no moving parts and requiring no action to activate the internal sealing system. Competitive products do require action to activate the sealing function such as a twist closure or insertion of a foam plug or putty.

Data center demands

Data centers and MAC work go hand-in-hand. EZ Path® is perfectly suited for this environment, particularly where gaseous suppression systems are used. Such systems are designed to dispense the prescribed amount of clean agent, and enclosure integrity is an important consideration. Vent flows, into and out of the enclosure, can be problematic. EZ Path® is the best choice, because it offers predictable performance 100% of the time. With known air leakage values and an automatic sealing system, engineering calculations are always correct.